Immigrants must assimilate and learn to speak English
Osceola New Gazette
August 18, 2005

Both Worlds By Eduardo Montalvo

One of the most notorious characteristics of the new wave of immigrants is the reluctance to learn English.

According to the most recent U.S. Census, 21.3 million people in this country can barely speak English. This number increased a disturbing 52 percent in only 10 years.

This situation has been fueled by our own government through its multicultural policies and practices that costs us an estimated $3.2 billion a year in taxpayer money.

This is the truth. We canít blame it on the newcomers; itís our fault.

Everyone knows, before coming to live in America, that we speak English here, so immigrants are aware of this requirement. Once they arrive, though, they find signs and information in other languages Ė especially in Spanish Ė everywhere such as at airports, public offices and documents. So why bother learning English if the American government provides me with the necessary information in my own language?

This situation is even more alarming when you go to the schools where bilingual education is broadening. How are we going to make America united if we divide our people through a diversity of languages? This country is becoming a Tower of Babel, and if you know the story, you also know the consequences.

I know about the sincere effort of many immigrants to learn English, but Iíve also noticed how these efforts are diluted once they realize they can live in this country without knowing this language. They can work, shop, watch TV, drive, listen to the radio and much more Ė all without speaking a single word of English.

But thatís not all. Immigrants are not assimilating into our society like they used to because itís no longer a necessity for them. They are forming isolated enclaves throughout America, where English and the American culture donít exist.

This happens because our government, in its effort to protect our rights and liberties, also protects multiculturalism and multilinguism.

If we donít step up our efforts to take our country back, our nation will be weakened by this cultural attack from within. If our government and its policies continue supporting the diversification of languages and cultures, America will be known as D.S.A. (Divided States of America) instead of U.S.A., and Lincolnís efforts to preserve the union will be completely wasted.

Congress has refused to declare English as the official language of this country, despite the majorityís wishes. Politicians, multiculturalists and immigrant rights activists are hurting our nation, and we are letting them do it. If we donít act now, our future generations will reproach us for our negligence and apathy.

If you still feel America in your heart and you want to do something to protect our country from the enemy within, thereís a way for you to act: U.S. English Inc. is an organization that fights to make English the official language of the United States government and the group is now campaigning to sign a petition for Congress in order to make that happen. This petition is a clear message to politicians in Washington, reminding them of their obligation to protect our country against the dangers of multilinguism, and also to let them know that the majority of citizens do not want America to be officially multilingual.

If you want to know more about this campaign or this group, visit, write to 1747 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Washington, DC 20006 or call 202-833-0100.