Napolitano, Goddard in court over Prop. 200
May 25, 2005
PHOENIX - Backers of Proposition 200 filed legal papers Tuesday contending Gov. Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Terry Goddard "are destroying the Arizona initiative process."
The Yes On Proposition 200 Committee seeks a ruling that the two Democrats acted illegally in deciding by administrative fiat and legal opinion that illegal entrants to the United States remain entitled to many state benefits despite voter approval of the initiative in November.
The initiative requires proof of identification to register and vote. It also denies "public benefits" to illegal entrants.
A Maricopa County judge refused in March to expand the scope of Proposition 200 beyond the handful of programs Goddard said are affected.
Plaintiffs attorney David Abney wants the Court of Appeals to rule it was wrong to toss the case before he got to make his arguments.
Both Napolitano and Goddard denied any attempt to thwart the will of voters.
"All we do is read the statute as it is drafted," Goddard said.
He said the restrictions in the initiative were placed in the state's welfare code, leaving other programs like health care and adult education unaffected.