New ethnic magazines start up across nation

Here are some of the latest English-language or bilingual ethnic magazines. Each title is followed by a brief description of the content and where the magazine is based.

Audrey: A lifestyle magazine for Asian-American women; Garden, Calif.
Bello Magazine: Hispanic lifestyle magazine with a perspective from the Americas; Santa Ana, Calif.
Giant Robot: Pop-culture magazine with Asian-American twist; Los Angeles-based, with two stores of same name.
Heeb Magazine: Culture and politics for urban, antiestablishment Jews; New York City.
KoreAm Journal: Political/lifestyle magazine for Korean-Americans; Los Angeles.
Latina: Fashion and lifestyle magazine; New York City.
Loft: Lifestyle magazine for Hispanic men, versions for Latin America and United States; Miami.
Poder: Hispanic business magazine, also in Spanish; Miami.
Nha Magazine: Lifestyle magazine for Vietnamese-Americans; San Jose, Calif.
Nirvana: Lifestyle magazine for Indian-American women; San Francisco.
Savoy: Lifestyle magazine for black men and women; Chicago.
Shaadi Style: Wedding and fashion magazine for South Asian women; Winchester, Mass.
Tu Ciudad: Los Angeles-focused magazine with Hispanic focus; L.A.
UnChin: Visually focused, multicultural magazine with an emphasis on the Latin American lifestyle; New York City.
Upscale: Lifestyle magazine for black women; Atlanta.
Urban Latino: Men's lifestyle magazine; New York City.