Horne touts educational exchange
The Arizona Republic
Sept. 9, 2005
JJ Hensley


MESA - For the past few years, they've shared ideas and insights about education, and Arizona and the Mexican state of Sonora could be sharing teachers and students if the states' superintendents have their way.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne and his Sonoran counterpart, Horacio Soria Salazar, continued their education exchange efforts Thursday with a tour of two Mesa public schools and the East Valley Institute of Technology, where they spoke about creating an exchange program between the states for career and technical education students and teachers.

Horne and Salazar first started to learn from each other a couple of years ago when Salazar made his first visit to Arizona. After that, students, teachers and parents in Sonora became familiar with the school accountability system Arizonans have come to appreciate.

But the road from Sonora to Arizona isn't one way.

On Horne's most recent visit to the Mexican state, he saw the potential for institute students to broaden their horizons at the Cet-Mar School for the study of sea technologies. Those Valley students, who learn practical job and technical skills while they're in high school, could learn about fields such as oceanography, and the institute can return the favor for Sonoran students.

Horne also said he would like the program to serve teachers and students in other fields and ultimately convert Americans who believe it's all give and no take with our neighbors to the south. "I'm trying to battle that stereotype, because there definitely are things we can learn from them," Horne said.