The Korea Herald invites you to a better 2005
January 2, 2005

The Korea Herald wishes a prosperous and happy New Year to everyone and reaffirms its pledge to "change and change until we satisfy" our readers.

 We will continue to strive to improve the content of our business, national, culture and entertainment, and editorial comment sections through our own reporters and by drawing on the best news and commentary of events from a wealth of Asian and international resources.

 We have exciting plans to improve content and provide a brighter format shortly which readers will find more attractive.

 Throughout the year we plan to develop and follow themes of national interest that will implant Korea firmly on the world map.

 We will start by focusing on efforts already underway to make the world more aware of this nation with an "Improve Korea Image" campaign.

 Intertwined will be a drive to persuade everyone of the need to utilize fully the immense time and money put into studying English at schools and universities by pursuing this knowledge so they can discuss, negotiate and convince others of their ability in what is the recognized international language of business and world affairs.

 We also draw attention to the following seven major events:

 1. Campus English Press Contest

Herald Media Inc. and the 60-member National Association of Campus English Press (NACEP) will jointly host the first competition for English-language news media in universities in Korea to pick the best stories from the campus and help encourage competitive university journalists. We urge university students to participate.

 2. English Musical School for Kids

As part of an English education project for children, we are preparing to set up an English Musical School for Kids in cooperation with the Naite Production. The program will greatly enhance children`s English skills, by letting them join the whole process of musical performances.

 3. Selection of Australia Ball Boys and Girls

We will select children (between 12 and 16 years old) to participate as ball boys and girls at the 2006 Australian Open Tennis. The program, provided along with Diamond Ad, will offer opportunities to meet sports stars and enjoy the beauty of Australia, as well as improve English ability.

 4. Special English School

In close cooperation with the nation`s leading universities, we will provide a short-term English training course for high school graduates, who are waiting to begin university studies. The program will include translation and interpretation courses of various levels.

 5. Nationwide English Speech Contest

The annual nationwide English Speech Content has developed into one of the nation`s biggest English-related events. Anyone from elementary school students to senior citizens interested in improving English speaking skills can take part in the contest.

 6. Tour to Seoul English Village

We will offer a tour program for officials of companies and their children to look around the Seoul English Village, operated by Herald Media Inc. The program will provide first-hand experience of competitive English language education.

 7. Ambassadorial Golf Tournament

The annual event has helped foster friendships between Korea and foreign diplomats residing in Korea. It will also enhance business relations as executives of local firms and foreign companies operating in Korea also take part. We will strive to make the event even more useful and enjoyable.