Resources for Indians on UA experts' Web site
Arizona Daily Star
April 21, 2006

By Eric Swedlund

Tucson, Arizona | Published:


A team of UA experts in American Indian programs has developed a Web site dedicated to the higher-education needs of native communities and offering various other useful resources.

ArizonaNativeNet brings together the expertise of the Native Nations Institute for Leadership, Management and Policy and the Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program at the University of Arizona.

The site is designed to provide a one-stop shop for educational resources aimed at Indians, both in Arizona and across the United States, said project leader Rob Williams, a UA law professor and director of the Indigenous Peoples Law and Policy Program.

"Our idea was to create a portal page that's organized specifically with the needs of Indian tribal communities in mind," Williams said.

The site features news geared toward tribes, multimedia lectures, and collected educational materials and research publications from across the campus.

"It's not just Arizona research, but because the UA has such a world-class reputation in Native American studies, this is certainly a good place to start," Williams said. "Because we have this expertise, we know where all the other good research is as well."

The site www. is a service and outreach effort from the UA to the state's Indians. Williams said it will continue growing as more information and capabilities are added.

"It's an opportunity to get a lot of help you couldn't get otherwise," Williams said.

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