Schools help students get ready for AIMS
The Arizona Republic
Mar. 18, 2006

Betty Reid

WEST PHOENIX - Enrique Vásquez, a parent in the Isaac School District, said he was confused about the sample AIMS reading test.

For one thing, Vásquez speaks only Spanish and the sample test was in English.

"It's the directions in English that slow me down," Vásquez said as he attempted to take a simulated test as a way of learning how to help his children with the real exam in April at Morris K. Udall School.

Vásquez was among 30 parents who took the sample test earlier this month after schools like Isaac decided to reach out to parents so they can help prepare students for the standardized test.

The results of the 2006 Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards test mean different things for urban school districts.

• Another year of poor test scores in the Roosevelt Elementary School
District could change the district because it faces a state takeover.

• The Cartwright School District's goal is to clinch an "excelling" label on
Arizona Learns. That's Isaac's goal, too. Good marks on AIMS and the number
of students who take it during test week would show a healthy score under
Arizona Learns for individual schools.

To encourage students to be present during AIMS test week, Isaac, Cartwright
and Roosevelt will have pizza giveaways, parties, field trips or pep rallies
for each grade. AIMS test week at Isaac is April 3-7; at Cartwright and
Roosevelt, it's April 10-13.

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