1 in 3 children in state has an immigrant parent
Arizona Republic
Jun 10, 2008

by Daniel González -

The number of Arizona children who come from immigrant households is soaring.
At least one in three Arizona children now has at least one immigrant parent, up from about one in four 10 years ago, said Nancy Welch,a researcher at the Morrison Institute for Public Policy at Arizona State University.
She co-authored a new report that concluded at least 471,000 children living in Arizona are from immigrant households - or more than the entire population of Mesa.
The report is based on 2006 census data.
These children, whom the report dubbed "Gen G," for Generation Global, pose both opportunities and challenges in the global economy.
"They really bring a lot of assets," Welch said. "For one, they already speak two languages."
They also pose significant challenges.
Children from immigrant households face more obstacles than children with native-born parents: They are more likely to have parents with limited education, they are more likely to grow up in poverty, and they often lack health insurance.