Cheerios' new prize is books for kids
Daily Press (Newport News, VA)
Oct. 20, 2008


By Nicole Paitsel

Tucson, Arizona | Published:

Now here's a cereal-box prize parents can get on board with Cheerios will give away more than 5 million children's books inside their boxes from now until January.

The annual Spoonfuls of Stories program features five titles from the Simon & Schuster children's collection. Families can see which story is included with their cereal through a special cut-out window on the front of the box.

This year, the titles include "Duck for President," "When Dinosaurs Came With Everything," "Romeo and Lou Blast Off," "Monkey and Me" and "Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue." The books have been sized to fit inside the box, but they feature all of the original content and illustrations. Three of the five titles have been printed in English and Spanish.

Customers also can donate money to buy new books for children from low-income families through the reading program. For more information, visit