Cochise County candidate wants ballot name in two languages
Associated Press
June 6, 2008


SIERRA VISTA, Ariz. - A candidate for the Cochise County Board of Supervisors who said he tried without success to recruit a Hispanic to run has now asked that his name appear on the ballot in two languages.
Joe Green of McNeal is lucky enough to have a name that actually translates easily into Spanish. So his name will appear on the ballot as Green, Joe (Jose Verde).
That is, unless someone challenges the effort, which a lawyer for the Cochise County Attorney's Office called a real possibility.
"...A candidate who chooses to file and list his name on the ballot in that manner runs the risk of being challenged by campaign opponents (or any other qualified elector) and, if the name he has listed is found not to be his actual surname and given name, being stricken from the ballot altogether," Deputy County Attorney Adam Ambrose wrote in a letter.
Green/Verde is one of several candidates for the District 2 board seat.