Collaboration provides students with resources to succeed
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April 29, 2008


ASU teams up with Department of Education to prepare education graduates for real world

 by Joseph N. Hermiz

In collaboration with the Arizona Department of Education, the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University, ASU will be providing education graduates with access to a new and unique resource library.

The resource library will provide new teachers, students and parents with instruction tips from veterans in the field, education materials and state guidelines and research.

The program, known as the Integrated Design to Enhance Arizona's Learning, or IDEAL, will also be free to all University students.

Maureen Gerard, coordinator for the Office of Professional Field Experience at the College of Teacher Education and Leadership, said she sees plenty of potential in the program.

"This is a tool kit for education students that will grant them access to lesson plans, state standards and preps for teaching different subjects," Gerard said. "[IDEAL] gives students interaction with a bigger educational community, creating a better and more efficient learning community through a platform that helps examines our teachers when they get out into the classroom."

Gerard said the program was initiated through the ASU Tempe campus and the Arizona Board of Education this semester before it spread to all of the campuses across the state.

According to an e-mail from Matt Crum, of the ASU West Public Affairs office, the IDEAL model enables University education programs to "monitor, assess and support students" and is currently being funded by the Arizona Community Foundation, a charity of 29 years that is committed to improvements in Arizona education.

Fallon Yaro, an education senior, said the program as a very ambitious undertaking by the University.

"After reviewing the Web site, I concluded that the Web site, if used to its fullest potential, can revolutionize teaching in the state of Arizona," Yaro said. "Teachers, parents and students can stay interconnected, and teachers have the ability to apply methods from other teachers in the state in their respective courses. I simply love the whole feel of the program."

Gerard said she feels strongly that the wonderful array of resources should bring all new teachers together in a secure environment for the purpose of growing in their development as teachers and that the program, which she believes is here to stay, will be utilized properly.

"There is a huge national push to know more about teacher results and how their students are doing and for that reason this program will sustain itself."

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