Cox's new arrival, LATV, is geared toward young, bilingual Latinos
Arizona Daily Star
March 20, 2008



By Gerald M. Gay

Tucson, Arizona | Published:

A Los Angeles-based television channel catering to Latino youth has made its way to Tucson.

LATV took over Channel 88 on Cox Cable earlier this month. The new arrival features animation, music videos and entertainment-themed news and culture programming broadcast in a mix of both English and Spanish.

"We wanted to create a network for younger, bilingual and bicultural Latinos," said Daniel Crowe, who co-founded the channel in 2001 with his business partner, Walter Ulloa. "We both had worked in Spanish- language media for a long time. We saw there was a niche and we both had an interest in creating and delivering programming to young Latinos that spoke English, but consumed media in both languages."

The channel now reaches more than 30 markets across the United States, from San Francisco to Miami.

Most of the national expansion has come within the last year, Crowe said. With that growth has come new programming that goes well beyond what you'd find in Southern California.

"We never considered ourselves a Los Angeles channel, even from the very beginning," Crowe said.

"The talent that you will see is not from L.A. The artists whose music we play and who we interview are not considered to be LATV-based artists. Of the two hosts from our new talk show, 'En La Zona,' one is from Puerto Rico. One was born in Texas but lives in L.A.

"The content that we air, whether it is profiles of artists and entertainers or original live performances, comes from artists from around the world."

Crowe said production crews have already filmed on location in places like New York, Miami, San Francisco and Mexico.

He added, "You'll see us in Arizona sometime soon."

A show sampling: "Ceasar & Chuy"

It's "Beavis & Butthead" if Beavis and Butthead were fluent in Spanish. Chuy, an East L.A. native, and Ceasar, from Puerto Rico, are animated employees of LATV. The cartoon characters spend their days making fun of music videos featuring Latin artists from Pitbull to Kat DeLuna. "En La Zona"

Pili Montilla, Viviana Vigil and others host this half-hour entertainment program that tackles the latest in music, film and fashion. "Texty Videos"

This daily one-hour music video series allows viewers the ability to text their comments into the show. Remarks are then scrolled across the bottom of the screen. "Verdad y Fama"

Want to know a little bit more about your favorite musician, artist or sports figure? "Verdad y Fama" profiles big names from pop princess Paulina Rubio to renowned WWE wrestler Rey Misterio. "Classic en Concierto"

Soraya, La Ley and Julieta Venegas are just a few names who have performed for LATV over the years. "Classic en Concierto" revisits these performances.