Language cultural training empowers employees
Arizona Republic
Jan. 15, 2008

Jan. 15, 2008 09:49 AM

Custom Language Training

Owner, age: Mitzi Epstein, 46.

Address, phone, Web site: 1 W. Elliot Road, Suite 113, Tempe, 85284; 480-704-4624;

When founded: November 2006. This company stands on the shoulders of Corporate Language Solutions, a Tempe company that operated for about 15 years until the owner transferred the work to me.

Employees: 12.

What business offers: Training. Our mission is to help people do their jobs better. The premise for all of our work is that "Better communication means better business." (Copyright 2007, Custom Language Training. All rights reserved)

Training is available in:

1. Languages: English, Spanish, French and Chinese.

2. Business image and presentation: Business norms in the United States and in other cultures' negotiations expectations, etiquette, table manners, professional presentations.

3. Career counseling: Workshops for high school and college students choosing a major or college. Workshops for adults who are determining their next vocation.

Is this business a franchise or one of a kind? One of a kind.

What makes the business unique? We customize learning programs for the participants. We focus on the vocabulary and structures each participant needs to do his or her job better.

We ask you, "What are your business goals? What do you need?" We use that information and our expertise to create a time-efficient and effective learning program.

Why should customers choose you? To get the most bang for the buck. Our training works. Participants learn what they need in less time than they would in a standard class. Of course, if a customer merely wants an inexpensive standard class, we can offer that as well. Then the customer reaps the benefit of the years of expertise and feedback from customers who have created that "standard" class. We not only hire the best and the brightest teachers, we also invest in developing their skills continuously.

The most recent research on effective teaching methods is combined with decades of experience in training on four continents to create a successful approach.

We emphasize practical use of training. "Learn it today and use it tomorrow" are words we apply to all our training classes. Whether you are learning specific business meeting table manners expected in China, or you are learning about how to choose a college, you will use your CLT training immediately.

This is not your high-school Spanish class in which you memorized conjugations and never used them. Instead, this is you and every participant in the class speaking Spanish for two hours in class and using what you learned today on the job tomorrow.

What are the goals for the business? We help other businesses reach their goals by igniting each employee's full potential. As W.C. Coleman, founder of Coleman Camping Equipment, said: "Let your first concern be your people and they will build your business."

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