High school seniors are getting another break in the state's high stakes graduation requirement.

State schools superintendent Tom Horne announced yesterday that the class of 2006 will have a chance to take the tests next summer.

Students in the class of 2006 must pass the three-part Arizona's Instrument to Measure Standards test in order to receive diplomas.

Before yesterday, seniors' last chance at passing the test was set for this spring, with the writing test Feb. 28, the reading test March 1 and the math test April 4.

Now, the writing section also will be offered July 11, the reading section July 12 and the math section July 13.

Tucson Education Association President Rosalva Meza said the added test dates will not help those who need it most English language learners and special education students.

"It doesn't matter how many opportunities they have to take the test. That's not going to help them," said Meza, head of the bargaining unit representing most Tucson Unified School District employees. "They require special considerations."

Of the 4,521 ELL seniors in Arizona, 734 had passed the AIMS test as of last year, according to the state Department of Education. The 5,787 special education students may or may not have to pass the test depending on their individual education plan.