Arizona Daily Star
December 11, 2005
Tucson, Arizona


The situation: The lack of city ordinances readily available in Spanish. Richard Sense, a resident living in the Keeling Neighborhood northeast of North Stone Avenue and East Grant Road, said he wanted the city's noise ordinance in Spanish so he could provide it to a neighbor who didn't speak English. Sense said he was unable to obtain one, and said other ordinances on health and other important subjects should be easily available in Spanish because a growing number of residents are Hispanic and speak Spanish as a first language.
"For the sake of the health, welfare and safety of the Spanish speaking population, I suggested that it was printed in Spanish," Sense said of his request to the city.
The status: Not all ordinances are printed in Spanish, although many ordinances involving land use, water rates and other ordinances of general interest are, said City Clerk Kathy Detrick. Voting material is also available in Spanish, she said.
Spanish-language ordinances are available on request, she said.
"We're happy to arrange" for a Spanish- language ordinance, Detrick said. "Obviously, we all want people to know the laws. We're happy to do it."
Who's responsible: To request an ordinance in Spanish, call the City Clerk's Office at 791-4213.
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