50 Tucsonans rally at state Capitol to fight education cuts
Arizona Daily Star
Feb. 12, 2009



By Daniel Scarpinato

Tucson, Arizona | Published: http://speed.pointroll.com/PointRoll/Media/banners/trans.gif?PRAd=1193658&PRCID=1193658&PRplcmt=733329&PRPID=733329 http://www.azstarnet.com/sn/education/279899

PHOENIX About 50 Tucsonans held a rally at the state Capitol Wednesday, urging lawmakers to reject further cuts to K-12 education as a way to balance the 2010 budget.

The Tucson group, called CARE, or Concerned Arizona Residents for Education, was formed in response to cuts to education in this year's budget, said co-founder Melissa Megna.